2016-17 U.S. Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study, 5th Edition

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C.J. Driscoll & Associates has released a comprehensive new report on the U.S. market for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) systems. This report provides in-depth information on each major MRM market segment, including the markets for vehicle-installed fleet management and driver behavior management solutions. It also covers the emerging market for managing mobile workers with GPS-equipped smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. In addition, the study examines the markets for monitoring mobile assets, including trailers and heavy equipment.

The study concludes that in the U.S. today, approximately 8.0 million GPS/wireless devices are used to monitor fleet vehicles, trailers, construction equipment and mobile workers. By 2019, this market will expand to over 14 million units, and MRM hardware and service revenues will grow to over $4.7 billion. Continuing market growth will be fueled by factors such as declining hardware costs and lower service fees for basic solutions. Newly issued regulatory requirements for the trucking sector and the increasing involvement of the commercial vehicle OEMs in telematics will also contribute significantly to market growth. However, the greatest stimulant to growth will be the ever increasing awareness of the strong return on investment provided by MRM solutions for a wide range of applications.

The 2016-17 U.S. Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study includes estimates of current MRM market penetration, along with projections of future subscriber and revenue growth for each major MRM market segment. Detailed profiles are provided on over 140 suppliers of Mobile Resource Management systems and services, including company background, key contacts, target markets, core features, installed base, and equipment and service pricing.

The study was directed by Clement J. Driscoll, founder and president of C.J. Driscoll & Associates, who has over 20 years of experience in marketing, research and consulting in GPS and wireless products and services. The research is based on both primary and secondary methodologies, including over 80 interviews of executives of leading MRM suppliers and companies servicing the MRM industry.

The 323-page report provides current statistical data on the size of the U.S. fleet market and major fleet categories, obtained from a wide range of government and industry sources. Current market trends are analyzed, along with the factors that will impact future market growth.

The previous edition of this study, released in August 2012, has been widely used by MRM solution providers, wireless network operators, equipment suppliers, investment firms and others. The report has often been referred to in public forums as the "bible of the MRM industry". Market data from previous editions of the report has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other leading publications.

Study Provides Answers to Key Questions

  • The following are among the questions answered by this study:
  • How large is the addressable market for Mobile Resource Management systems?
  • How many MRM units are in service today, and in what categories?
  • What are the fastest growing MRM market segments? What factors are impacting growth in these markets?
  • What are the major trends in each MRM market segment?
  • Are MRM hardware and service prices holding up or declining?
  • What impact will the recently issued Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations have on the growth of telematics in the trucking sector?
  • How large is the current market for MRM solutions that utilize GPS-equipped handsets and other portable devices, and what are the principal applications?
  • How is the increased use of smartphones and tablets impacting MRM solutions and market growth?
  • Who are the major suppliers of Driver Behavior Management solutions and how does their growth compare to the traditional GPS fleet management market?
  • What are total annual revenues for the U.S. MRM market? Which market segments are producing the most revenue and which will show the greatest future growth?
  • What distribution strategies are proving most effective in major MRM markets?
  • What is the market growth rate for asset tracking solutions, such as trailer and heavy equipment monitoring?
  • What impact is the use of telematics having on fleet insurance rates?
  • Who are the principal suppliers of MRM equipment and service for each major market segment?
    • What markets do they target?
    • How fast have they been growing?
    • What is each supplier’s approximate installed base?
    • What are current price levels for MRM systems and services?
  • Who are some of the new suppliers of GPS fleet management solutions and how fast are they growing?

Detailed Report

The 323-page report on the MRM market includes the following:

  • MRM market status and trends
  • Listing of the top 10 MRM suppliers, including estimated 2014 revenues
  • Projected MRM subscriber and revenue growth, by segment, through 2019
  • Updated U.S. fleet market size statistics for approximately 27 fleet categories, including data on largest suppliers and estimated MRM penetration
  • Detailed information on terrestrial and satellite networks used for MRM, including Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) servicing MRM providers
  • MRM Suppliers Section (226 pages), including:
    • GPS Fleet Management Suppliers for Local Fleets (50,000+ Units)
    • GPS Fleet Management Suppliers for Local Fleets (< 50,000+ Units)
    • New Suppliers of GPS Fleet Management Solutions for Local Fleets
    • Suppliers of White Labeled GPS Fleet Management Solutions
    • U.S. GPS Fleet Management Suppliers Based Outside North America
    • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Vertical Fleet Markets
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Trucking and Logistics
      • Commercial Vehicle OEM Telematics Solutions
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Taxi Fleets
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Public Transit Fleets
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Public Safety Fleets
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Oil & Gas
      • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Other Vertical Fleet Markets
    • Driver Behavior Management Systems
    • Fleet Insurance Telematics
    • Cellular Carrier MRM Partners and Programs
    • Suppliers of Workforce Management Solutions
    • Trailer Monitoring System Suppliers
    • Suppliers of MRM Solutions for Heavy Construction Equipment
    • Mobile Resource Management System Equipment Suppliers

The report includes 47 summary charts and tables to facilitate review.

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