2016-17 Mexican Telematics Market Study

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C.J. Driscoll & Associates has released a comprehensive report on the Mexican market for telematics systems and service, including both GPS fleet tracking systems and telematics solutions for personal cars. The report concludes that the commercial telematics market in Mexico accounts for over one million units in service. While this market is very fragmented, with no single solution provider accounting for more than a 5% market share, the consumer stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and telematics market is far more concentrated, with a few providers accounting for two-thirds of the units in service.

For-hire and private trucking fleets constitute the largest market for GPS fleet tracking solutions in Mexico. However, a number of other fleet markets segments are emerging, including government agencies, public safety, private security companies, public transit, and taxi. Government regulations and policies may bring about significant growth in several of these segments. As discussed in the report, security-related features are a top priority for most GPS fleet tracking solutions sold in the Mexican market. However, features for enhancing fleet productivity and efficiency, as well as monitoring driver performance, have also become increasingly important.

The 148-page report includes extensive statistics on the addressable market size and telematics penetration for a wide range of fleet categories. The growth of vehicle manufacturing in Mexico is covered in depth, along with analysis of OEM telematics programs and partners. Government registration and monitoring of telematics suppliers is also examined.

The report includes profiles of 24 Mexican-based commercial telematics solution providers and 13 overseas suppliers active in the Mexican market. Profiles of the leading suppliers of SVR/telematics solutions for the consumer market are also included, as are profiles of the leading suppliers of white-labeled telematics software platforms, which are used by many Mexican telematics solution providers. Supplier profiles include company background, target markets, key software features, available hardware and service pricing, and estimated units in service.

Estimates of the current size of both the GPS fleet tracking and consumer SVR/telematics markets are provided in the report, including units in service and estimated revenues. Also included are projections of units in service and revenue growth through 2019.

The study was directed by Clement J. Driscoll, founder and president of C.J. Driscoll & Associates, who has over 20 years of experience in marketing, research and consulting in GPS and wireless products and services. The C.J. Driscoll U.S. Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study has, for many years, been the most widely used report covering the U.S. commercial telematics market. In addition, the 2010-11 Latin American Vehicle Tracking Systems Market Study is the most comprehensive report published to date on the entire Latin American commercial and consumer telematics market.

Report Provides Answers to Key Questions

The following are among the questions answered in this report:
  • How large is the addressable commercial and consumer telematics market in Mexico?
  • How many commercial and consumer SVR/telematics units are in service today in Mexico, and how fast will the market grow over the next several years?
    • What are the principal factors impacting commercial and consumer SVR/telematics market growth in Mexico?
  • What fleet segments are the principal users of GPS fleet tracking solutions and what is the estimated market penetration of each segment?
  • How do Mexican commercial and consumer telematics solutions differ from solutions in the U.S. market?
  • Are vehicle and cargo security problems increasing or declining in the Mexican market?
    • How do security issues impact the Mexican telematics market?
  • What is the current status and projected trends in cross-border trucking?
    • What are the key factors impacting growth in this area?
  • What role does each of the three Mexican cellular carriers play in the telematics market?
    • Which cellular data networks are most widely used for cellular data by telematics solution providers?
    • Which carriers have been investing in LTE deployment and M2M/IoT functionality?
    • Which carriers offer their own telematics solutions?
  • Which consumer and commercial vehicle OEMs offer telematics solutions for the Mexican market?
    • What solutions do they offer?
    • Who are their telematics partners?
  • Who are the leading suppliers of commercial and consumer SVR/telematics solutions?
    • Which market segments do they target?
    • How do they distribute their solutions?
    • What are their key features?
    • How many units do they each have in service?
    • What is their typical pricing for hardware and service?
  • Why is the Mexican commercial telematics market so fragmented?
  • Who are the leading suppliers of GPS-based telematics devices in Mexico?
  • What new government regulations are expected to impact telematics market growth in Mexico?
  • What registrations and reports do federal and state agencies require from telematics solution providers?
  • What are the estimated revenues of the Mexican commercial and consumer SVR/telematics markets today, and what is the projected annual revenue growth through 2019?
    • What are the assumptions behind these projections?

Detailed Report

This 148-page report on the Mexican telematics market includes the following:
  • Mexico Overview – population and economy
  • Telecommunications overview
    • Telematics activities of major cellular carriers
  • Transportation and logistics in Mexico
  • Vehicle population by market segment
  • Vehicle production, by category, for the Mexican market and for export
  • Motor vehicle and cargo theft, including recent statistics and trends
  • Cross border trucking and trends
  • Telematics market overview
    • Consumer SVR/telematics market
    • Commercial telematics vehicle population and largest fleets by segment
      • Trucking fleets including specialized transport
      • Buses
      • Government vehicles
      • Taxis
      • Limousines
      • Waste disposal
      • Public safety
      • Utilities
      • Telecom
      • Security companies
      • Rental car
      • Fleet leasing and management companies
  • Telematics hardware manufacturers
  • Pricing of telematics hardware and service
  • Registration of vehicle tracking companies in Mexico
  • Government regulations impacting the telematics market
  • Motor vehicle OEM telematics programs
  • Leading telematics-related trade associations
  • Profiles of Leading Mexican-Based Commercial Telematics Solution Providers (Est. 10,000+ Units)
  • Profiles of Mexican-Based Commercial Telematics Solution Providers (Est. <10,000 Units)
  • Suppliers of Commercial Telematics Solutions Based Outside Mexico
  • Suppliers of White-Labeled Software Platforms for the Mexican Market
  • Leading Consumer Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and Telematics Suppliers
  • Summary of Commercial Telematics Solution Providers (Est. 10,000+ Units)
  • Summary of Leading Consumer SVR/Telematics Solution Providers
  • Projected Commercial Telematics Market Growth through 2019
    • Units in Service
    • Revenues
  • Projected SVR and Consumer Telematics Market Growth through 2019
    • Units in Service
    • Revenues

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